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How you can get paid for sharing Planet Freedom.

How many times have you shared a video or a link on Facebook or YouTube? Have you ever gotten paid for sharing that link? at Planet Freedom, we value partnerships with our Citizens and we want to partner with you. When you share Planet Freedom’s training with those that you care about, you get paid. It’s that simple


Affiliate Description & Rules

An Affiliate is anyone who gets someone else to register and subscribe to Planet Freedom. Anyone who is a Registered User and Paid Subscriber to Planet Freedom can be an Affiliate. Affiliates are all paid the same:

1st Level:
(anyone an affiliate gets to directly subscribe to PF) = 20% commission for the life of the subscriber to the Affiliate.

2nd Level:
(anyone on an affiliates 1st Level who gets someone else to subscribe to PF) = 10% commission for the life of the subscriber to the Affiliate. Commissions end on the 2nd Level. You must be a paying subscriber in order to get paid your commissions

Pausing Subscription:
You can stop paying for your subscription for 4 months and come back in as an Affiliate without losing your place (i.e. you don't lose commissions on those in your 1st and 2nd level).

Back Pay:
If an Affiliate misses their own subscription payment for 6 weeks they can receive their back pay commissions for the time they missed with no penalty. After 6 weeks of no subscription payment they are not eligible to receive back pay, but can still retain their 1st and 2nd level commissions going forward (see Pausing Subscription).

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  • Recall My Shopping List

    Easily use your memory to get what you came for.

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  • Recall My To-Do List

    When you can't write it down,
    this technique will save you

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  • Find 10 More Hours Every Week

    Imagine what you could do with 10 more hours?
    Learn the secret!

    Learn More
  • Recall Names of People I Meet

    Ever shake someone's hand and then immediately forget their name?
    Learn how to remember everyone's name.

    Learn More
  • Heighten My Focus

    It's hard to hit one target when you
    are aiming at two or three.

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  • Identify My Obstacles

    What is holding you back from achieving
    all of your dreams and feeling
    abundance in your life?

    Learn More
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